Multiple Teams · Wren High -Fan Attendance Policies and Protocols for Fall Sports 2020

Wren High School

Fan Attendance Policies and Protocols for Fall Sports 2020:


The athletic department at Wren High School would like to inform you of policies and procedures that have been put in place for fan attendance at our Fall athletic events. As most of you know, the capacity of our venues is limited by both DHEC protocols and the SCHSL. 


Policies and protocols were agreed upon to achieve two main goals:


  1. Prioritize the safety and health of athletes, coaches, refs, and fans. The number of fans in the arena is limited to help achieve this purpose. Fan attendance must NOT contribute to widespread community infections that we are working so hard to prevent inside the school building. 


  1. Anderson One has decided to prioritize in-person attendance for family members (both home and visitors) of the athletes involved in the competitions. Ticket sales will be offered to family members of athletes first. In most cases, these ticket sales will account for ALL of the available seating. 


Family members and guests representing an athlete or event participant will sit in “family groups.”

  1. Every athlete will have access to 4 tickets and 4 seats in the venue. The 4 seats will be together and everyone in attendance representing that athlete will be expected to sit in the same 4 seat family group.  If an athlete designates a ticket for a non-family member, that person MUST sit in the family block of that athlete.


  1. If an athlete has less than 4 people in their 4 seat family group, the other seats are not “open” for members of a different family group to join. 


  1. Fans will be expected to sit in areas that are clearly designated for seating. Caution tape has been put throughout facilities at Wren High School to clearly mark areas where spectators should not be seated during athletic events. Designated seating areas will not have any caution tape on those specific seats.


  1. Anyone sitting in any other location in the venue besides the designated areas will be asked to move to a designated seating area. 


  1. At this time, we are not predesignating the location of the family group. Family group seats are first come, first served. If the location of your seat is important, plan on a member of your family group arriving at the time that gates open. 


  1. There will be NO TICKET SALES AT THE EVENT. Anyone wishing to attend the event will have to purchase a ticket before arriving. Most tickets will only be available to family members of the athletes.
  2. HOME and VISITOR fans must be separated. HOME and VISITOR seating areas will be clearly marked. Empty seats on the visitor side of the venue are not open for fans from the home side and vice versa.


  1. Separate concession areas are to be designated when possible. 


  1. If a person sitting in a family group of an athlete uses a SCHSL pass for entry, that pass is considered one of the 4 tickets or seats in the family block.


  1. Seating may or may not be available for SCHSL pass holders that are NOT in attendance as a member of a family group. SCHSL passes may be required to stand along the fence in designated, social distanced spaces. 


Here are additional guidelines required by the South Carolina High School League and Anderson School District One.


  1. EVERYONE in attendance must wear a face covering at all times. By entering the arena, you agree to this protocol. If you do not wish to wear a face covering, do not attend the event. 


  1. Every member of a family group must remain seated with their group unless going to the restroom or to the designated concession stand. (Younger children will not be allowed to gather at the concession stand, on the hills, or in walkways at football games. They are expected to sit with their family group). If you cannot keep your younger children with you for the entire event, consider not bringing them or not attending the event. 


  1. All fans should make an effort to keep 6 feet of distance away from other fans whenever possible. Because of limited seating, we aren’t considering a staggered exit following the event; however, fans should make an effort to maintain social distance and not attempt to leave until there is ample room to do so. 


Because of the limitations on venue capacity, Wren High School is planning to live-stream as many athletic events as possible. Fans who are unable to attend in person should be able to view the events through live streaming. We will send out more information about this as we develop this technology. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to live stream all events.